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Sherpa II


Sherpa II


Wingspan             36" - 42"

Wing Area            266 sq. inches

AUW                    4.5 - 7.0 oz.

Loading                2.71 oz. sq/ft

Airfoil                   PLA008

CG = 1.50" - 1.75" from the LE/Root



Radio w/ Elevon Mixing

4 Cell 1/3 AA Rx Battery

Miro Receiver

HS 55 Servos (or equivalent)


Sherpa II Video - "Sherpa Dreams Redux"

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The Sherpa was originally designed in 2009 as a light-weight aerobatic sloper offered by Future Slope Designs.  The current design (Sherpa II) is constructed exclusively from EPS 1.0 foam.  This foam is of course, much lighter than EPP.  Combined with 1.7 mil. laminating film (included), the Sherpa II has an all-up-weight of around 5.5 ounces on a 42" wingspan.  With careful consideration to weight, the Sherpa II can probably be built to have an AUW of around 4.5 ounces.

The Sherpa II is extremely agile.  It is quick and predictable which allows the pilot to string together a wide variety of aeros.  In addition, the Sherpa II has a very wide speed range.  You can scream down the crease or slow the Sherpa down to perform impressive "hoverbatics" at only an arms-length away.  The Sherpa II comes with an option for choosing a wingspan that suits your style of flying.

As with all of our kits, the Sherpa II comes with considerable prefabrication, which will allow you to go from the work bench to the slope very quickly and with a slope machine that will provide hours of creative flight.

Customer Reviews

I have been a big fan of compact slopers that transport easily in the trunk of a small sedan and provide crisp acrobatics at an affordable price in light to moderate slope lift.

The Sherpa II hits my desires on all fronts. It carves turns as good as any in its class and flies inverted with little reverse elevator input. Handles great in very light to moderate lift on my favorite slope in a 3-15 mph window. I added my 480 mAh 4 cell 1/3AAA to the fuse and placed as close to the wing line as possible for tight axial rolls. I have caught slermals to 1,000’


The kit comes with everything you need (just add your own electronics). The foam needs little sanding and you have the ability to easily modify to your preferences. I chose to build a 36” wings span and the wing is very stiff. With the provided carbon ribbon spar, 3 mm depron tail, and light iron on covering I created a 5.2 ounce wind dancer! For those that have flown a Dream-flight Alula and Weasel this bird combines the best flight characteristics of both of those designs at a very reasonable price.


The build videos at are detailed, easy to follow, and provide a lot of building tips that I’ll use on other builds.

Rich Arner

Bakersfield, CA

Fly the Sherpa II on your devices...learn more at PicaSim

Ed's Sherpa II

Lake Worth, Flordia