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Freestyle Aerobatics

The Suraci is a fully capable conventional aerobat sloper that will definitely challenge the most seasoned pilot.  The Suraci comes with the standard elevator/rudder (non-extreme).  Capable of 4-Axis performance, this plane’s only limitation is the imagination and creativity of the pilot.  Enjoy performing nearly every aerobatic maneuver possible with the Suraci.  Outside loops, knife edges, snap rolls, and crazy cross control moves are well within the Suraci’s ability.  If you think you’ve done it all, put your hands on the control sticks of this highly creative sloper and challenge yourself and amaze your slope buddies.

WING SPAN                50”-54”

AIR FOIL                     SB 96V (mod)

WING LOADING         10.5 oz/sq. ft.

AUW                            20 - 36 oz.

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Intended for intermediate and expert pilots.


The Suraci

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Allow 14-21 days for delivery.

Suraci Specs

Suggested Gear

1 - Radio (w/programmable flaps)

1 - Mini Receiver

4 - HS 65 or HS 82 Servos

1 - 4 Cell 1/3 AA Rx Battery


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So, what exactly comes in my Suraci Kit?

1    1.9 EPP Wing Set

1    1.9 EPP Pre-shaped Fuse

2    Wood Wing Spars

2    CF Wing Joiners/Spars

1    Balsa Vertical Stab/Rudder

1    Balsa Horizontal Stab/Elevator

2    Balsa Ailerons

2    Yellow Sullivan Pushrods

2    Metal Pushrods

Goodie Bag (Hardware)

4    Metal Threaded Studs

4    Metal Clevises

2    Plastic Clevises

4    Magnets

2    Plastic Control Arms (small)

2    Plastic Control Arms (large)

2    Molded Servo Covers

Business Cards


Suraci Schematic (when available)

Suraci Decals

The fuse comes pre-shaped and sanded with red Sullivan pushrod housings installed.  The Receiver Bay is pre-cut as well as the canopy.  The wings come with spar channels cut and servo bays cut.  In addition, a balsa sub-trailing edge is pre-installed.  On-line video instructions are available.

Click here to see an early video of the Suraci
(Heavy Suraci in High Lift)
Click here to see a current video of the Suraci
(Light Suraci in Moderate Lift)