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The Flow 2.0

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The Flow

Welcome to the world of Freestyle Aerobatics.  Increased interest in aerobatic flight and VTPR has led to the design and development of the Flow and the Flow 2.0 ultralight slope planes.  The Flow features a modified TP42 airfoil on a 60” wingspan with  full-throw tail feathers...all in a slope machine that has a weight range of between 19 to 26 oz.  The Flow is capable of a wide variety of aerobatic maneuvers that is sure to challenge the most experienced pilot.  Join the expanding freestyle community where you are only limited by your imagination. 

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Intended for expert pilots.

Allow 14-21 days for delivery.

Wingspan            60”

Airfoil                   TP42 (mod)

Wing Loading      6.89 oz/sq. ft.

Wing Area           330

AUW                   19-28 oz.

Radio With 4 Axis Mixing

4-6 Channel Receiver

4 HS 65 (or 55 for elev/rud)

1 - 4 Cell 1/2 AA Rx Battery

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Cams and Pulleys manufactured by Doug Montgomery.


Click here to access the Trapeze-Flow2.0 Build Clips - In ProgressTrapeze-Flow_Build.html

So, what exactly comes in my kit?

1 Wing Set - 1.9 EPP - Cut Spar Channels and Servo Bay

1 Fuse - 1.9 EPP - Shaped/Sanded, Wing Saddle, Horizontal Stab

1 Vertical Stab - 1.9 EPP, Marked

1 Horizontal Stab - 1.9 EPP, Marked

2 CF Tubes - Boom Support/Cable Housing for Rudder

1 Yellow Housing - Plastic - Housing for Elevator

2 CF Aileron Spars - 24” Each

1 Laminating Film - For Wings and Fuse

1 Letter

1 Decal Set  - Not Waterproof

! Schematic - On Line

Hardware Bag

1 CF Ribbon - Wing Joiner

2 Wire Aileron Pushrods - .047 Music Wire

2 Mini EZ Connectors - For Ailerons

2 Mini Control Arms - For Ailerons

2 Servo Covers

2 Slope Sparer/FSD Business Cards


Mad Bag

1 CF Tube - For Rudder

1 CF Tube - For Elevator

6 Washers - For CF Tubes

2 Aluminum Housing - For Rudder

1 Aluminum Housing - For Elevator

2 Small Balsa Hubs - For Pivot Points

2 Small Wood Shoulders - For Balsa Hubs

2 Large Balsa Hubs - For Servos

2 Large Wood Shoulders - For Balsa Hubs

Fishing Line

Aluminum Crimp Tubes

Please note that the main wing spar consists of two CF Tubes mated together with an aluminum sleeve.  If you wish to build your Trapeze or Flow 2.0 super ultra-light, you need to request that the CF Tube be replaced with the standard CF Ribbon.  Simply leave me a note on your order or email me to request the CF Ribbon.

The Flow is temporarily discontinued.  It is currently being redesigned and retooled.  It will be released as the Flow 3.0 in a few weeks.  Thanks for your patience.



Credit to Steve Lang for the development of the Le Fish.  It was a great inspiration.